Only 12 miles to Canada

July 10, Monday, North of Plattsburg, NY

We called around last week to find a marina to fix one of our vacu-flush toilets (a type of boat toilet) that had stopped flushing but were unsuccessful. We contacted a number of marinas again this morning and weren’t getting a call-back from anyone. But since the closest marina (Shelburne Shipyard) is reputed to provide good service, we headed there for a pump out even though they were very busy.  I decided to get off the boat and went searching for the service manager.  As it turned out, after I described the issue badly to him (partially on purpose), he decided to see for himself what was going on, and a few hours later Van and Thaddeus had the system working again!


While waiting for the bill we wandered among the dry docked boats and were admiring  a nice cruiser when a couple came by (Renee and Lise) that were checking it out for purchase.  We started chatting and turns out we may visit them when  we travel on the Ottawa River.

We enjoyed the views of the mountains, shore and water for the next three+ hours and found a nice anchorage for the night. Note the birds on the front of our boat!






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