People in Whitehall are Great

July 3, Monday, Still in Whitehall one more day

The Champlain Canal locks turned out to be closed again today – all day. We had hopes they’d open by noon, but they held back due to river currents that were still deemed too strong to be safe.  Understandable but still – we want to move on. So we relaxed into another day after a normal breakfast on the boat (instead of the yummy, high cal, wonderful waffles!).  After doing a few things around the boat, Jan from Adagio and I went into the park to play music. She plays the dulcimer very well and her current instrument requires songs in the key of D. Fortunately that isn’t a problem for the ukulele. So we played a few songs I brought along and a number of songs using her tablet. I am definitely going to move to playing from the ipad  after today’s experience.  It was fun to make music with Jan, and Dirk seemed to enjoy it too (he was our audience).

We also walked around the park and up to the lock to check the water levels. The owner of the downstream marina was quite upset with the fast waters churning out of the dam since logs had swirled back into his docks and done a lot of damage.

In the afternoon Dirk and I decided to use the “little red” vacuum cleaner to remove some sitting water under the aft cabin floor. We’ve had some repairs done to prevent more water from getting in, so hope this will finally solve the wet floor problem. Well, ‘little red’ sucks up about a gallon at a time at best and we must have collected about 20 gallons or more – lots of stopping & starting.  But then Dirk couldn’t remove a small panel from the floor until Ron (from Adagio) helped with it. After all their prying of the wood it was splintered and misshapen and if it was forced back into it’s spot on the floor, not likely to come out the next time – it needed work.

The story of the Floor Board Repair

We started calling and walking around to find a place that could sand the 1 foot by 9 inch plywood  down a bit so it would fit the floor again, and had no luck with the first two places. We were going by a open barn near the river and it looked there was a workshop inside, so a little to Dirk’s chagrin, I walked up, said Hello, and asked if by any chance the man (working on building a boat as it turns out), could help sand our small piece of wood.  He looked surprised, but looked it over and gave it a go, but in the end was unhappy with the poor quality of the wood (and he wouldn’t take any payment for his help.) In the meantime, we talked about wooden boats, how he moved to the area, and the amazing barn he had built.

Phil (our new friend’s name)  suggested he replace the wood and a had just the piece to do it. We didn’t want to put him to more trouble, but he felt strongly about it and said he’d probably be by later in the afternoon. Well, he stopped by twice, once to to fit it and once more with the final result, which was perfect!  He gave us his card and asked us to stay in touch.  What a nice person – we’ve met so many good people in this town. We looked at his card tonight – he is the mayor of  this town of Whitehall! Philip Smith. I’d be glad  to live in a town where someone like Phil is the mayor!


We got the word that we can leave first thing in the morning. I really enjoyed being part of the town for a while. I helped promote the Skene Manor on the hill to every tourist I saw, and word got back to us how their business has strangely picked up this week! (They need marketing help!)  I walked to a number of stores and restaurants and the laundry and talked many friendly people, and kinda feel a tiny bit of belonging. But off we go…


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