Last Lock – but not the Least!

July 2, 2017, Monday, Day 83 still in Whitehall, NY

Since thunder & lightening was forecast for the area yesterday, we decided not to travel – rain and storms were predicted for most of the day. And boy did it rain. It rained so much that we are still in Whitehall due to flooding of the Champlain Canal, and we only have one more lock to go through before we are done! Because of the massive rains yesterday, the canal water rose about 2 feet, so the state has closed all locks along this canal and the Erie Canal as well.  To give you an idea of the water… The out flow of the dam is on the right – usually just smooth faster running water and now a churning mess.


We’d like to move up to Lake Champlain, so hope we can continue our journey tomorrow, but until then, off to breakfast and errands.

Whitehall has a lovely breakfast/lunch restaurant named Historic Grounds and I’ve had the best waffles ever there – now 2 days in a row. They are topped with a banana foster sauce and fresh fruit – yum. Jan and Ron on the Adagio also enjoyed breakfast here the last 2 days. This town also has the nicest laundromat – decorated with an old town theme, both by the owners and donated from others in town as well. (Sorry to go on about laundromats – we spend a lot of time in them on this trip!)

Dirk’s knee is bothering him so I did most of the walking in the last two days. Here he is biding his time…IMG_4595

I walked while waiting for laundry to be done, walked to another hardware store about a mile away and to the local CVS, and we all walked this evening to dinner and to check out the dam and high waters. Eight of us got together for dinner – 6 loopers and 2 friends. We ate at the Liberty Eatery and Marina which just reopened after renovations, but it looked a little flooded earlier today – the yellow building on the left.  The food was very good and company was great.


Last night (after the rain stopped for a while)  I walked down to the Tavern where we ate our first night because there was a band playing and it has been a long time since I’ve heard live music. The band and crowd were having a great time and there was a mixture of country, folk and rock, with some good dancing numbers led by a younger woman in the  group. I joined in the dancing a few times before heading back to the boat.

And a couple evening pictures for tonight including our boat, and the last low bridge we need to go under before leaving the canal.



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