Waterford: Erie or Champlain?

June 27, Tuesday, Day 78, Waterford, NY

Today we’ve finally  arrived at a Great Loop crossroads at the Waterford, NY Visitors Center,  well known by loopers for its free tie-ups and convenient access to  local stores.

This morning we continued up the river towards Albany and saw that the city is a hub for a river-oriented power, gravel, and other heavy industries. In all my years visiting grandparents in the Albany area I never saw this side of the city.


Just as we approached the old downtown it started to rain and then really pour. We had on our light raincoats, I was still taking photos, but it didn’t look like it was letting up and we were cold. So I went to the cabin to suit up for serious rain (it took 5 minutes), and by the time I got back to the fly bridge, the rain had almost stopped!




After a while I went back to normal gear, and we continued to the Federal lock at Troy NY. It was a little tricky to “tie up” because we needed to put a rope around a pipe that runs up the wall, and therefore had to be pretty close to the cement wall to do so. We managed and I learned some techniques to use the next time. We continued on to Waterford, NY and the sign letting cruisers know which way is which (Erie Canal versus Champlain Canal).


Tomorrow we will determine if we can go up the Champlain Canal, our intended route to Canada. We learned yesterday that the web sites we were using to check bridge heights don’t match the NOAA charts, and we re-measured our boat height. We’ll at least need to make some adjustments to the tallest parts of the boat in order to continue north to Lake Champlain and will find out how much after we speak to NY canal lock personnel.

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