Ready to Face the Ocean

June 21, Wednesday, Brick, NJ, Day 62?

We left our wonderful hosts, Pat and George Hospodar, this morning and headed for the marine repair facility to install our refurnished, shiny, props. Docking next to their house has been such a blessing for us and we so appreciate all the rides, advice, stories of their experiences (and use of the laundry).  Photos of their neighborhood…


We all  (George joined us fortunately) headed up Barnegat Bay to David Beaton and Sons Marina, the boat repair facility. After hauling us out, two additional issues were found requiring a trip to West Marine. George’s neighbor Ernie drove us all to the local West Marine to pick up zincs and a new transom light. I didn’t know we even had transom lights, but the covering of  one of the two in the back had corroded and may have been causing water to get into our bilge.  It’s the size of a jelly jar top. Cost- $130 -yikes!

We were there until mid afternoon and then headed to the marina up the way where we could spend the night prior to venturing on our way to the ocean. Very nice town dock in a cove with tie ups, electricity and water for $25 a night! They only have room for about 6 boats, and a few others came in later. One was also a looper – with a gold flag! That means they’ve already completed the loop. The boat is Adagio and Jan and Ron shared their plans for the ocean trip tomorrow – very helpful.  Big day tomorrow – heading for the big NYC.



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