Brick NJ with help from George

June 17, Saturday, Day 68

We traveled with a Pilot today – George Hospodar. He and his wife Pat are Harbor Hosts for New Jersey ICW north, authors of two Great Loop books (on board our boat) and also editors of the one of the Waterway Guides. We called for advise after our first few days of drama, and they gave us some good suggestions including the marina in Atlantic City. They called in the morning to say they were willing to drive down to Atlantic City so George could help us pilot up to the next major stop, which is close to the end of the NJICW.   Of course we gratefully accepted, knowing that we’d learn a lot and have a safer trip as well.

They arrived around 11 and we left at 11:30 ish… for a long day with a number of challenging, narrow channels. In spite of George’s efforts we managed to get blown off course and go aground once, but at least we got off the shoal without the tow boat. But we did bend the newly replaced port prop again! Do you believe it? The rest of the day went fine,  including getting through many narrow areas and then relaxing a bit on the deeper Barnegat Bay. George really knows this area  – he and Pat live here and have traveled it many, many times.

George directed us right into his neighborhood in Brick, NJ, right off  Barnegat Bay, where we were able to tie up to his neighbor’s dock and be connected to the 30amp electric our boats require. Very nice.


But there’s more… Two other looper couples are in the area, also waiting the weather window for the ocean voyage to Sandy Hook and NYC. Pat and George invited us all to share a wonderful evening with them with all the New Jersey Italian cuisine fixin’s. Their boats are the HMS Happy Happy (Terry and Pat Moy) and Corsica Lady (John and Sarah Hedegaard). It was  a great evening sharing interesting and funny stories about our experiences.

Much Thanks to George and Pat (on either ends of the table)!pat and george

3 thoughts on “Brick NJ with help from George

  1. I strongly suggest and recommend you get Navionics charts and software for your tablet. My brother and I ran aground and bent both props last month in Florida — partly because my brother was watching the Garmin chart plotter which doesn’t have or display half the detail Navionics does. My tablet running Navionics definitely showed the shoal and accurate depth (2.5 ft.) We’re now sold on Navionics. Unfortunately Garmin devices won’t accept Navionics data cards. So you’ll have to download it to your tablet.

    Twice in almost two weeks. Oh I feel for you.

  2. George and Pat! I believe I know of them very well from reading their book (I think that’s the book I read… Jerry has it now). What gracious and kind people!

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