Atlantic City!

June 16, Friday, Day 67

We left Sea Isle City  3 hours before high tide, which was 11am.  A late start, but we needed to wait for higher water to have a chance of getting to Atlantic City without incident. Until we started into Atlantic City I only took one photo the entire way, since my eyes were constantly on the ipad, Garmin chartplotter (Garmin Bluechart) and the boat’s Garmin that shows the depth in hopes of avoiding the shoals.


Much of the travel was either like the picture, looking from one channel marker to the other on big rivers or bays. We also passed through many busy summer towns like we’ve already seen, but as we go north they extended farther in both directions.

Entering the Atlantic City area we had to wait for a bridge to open in an area the looks nothing like the  Atlantic City we had imagined – very normal looking – and  kayaks passed us while we waited for the bridge opening.


There were a  few wind turbines, more river and then we saw some of the gambling resorts. The newer, large buildings as seen from the river looked like they were planned to reflect off each other.


We finally came into the creek with the Historic Gardner Marina and Aquarium, our destination. We made it- not one grounding! We celebrating with a nice dinner at a popular water view restaurant  very close to the marina and got a good rest.



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