Fixed but Nervous

June 15, Thursday, Day 66 , Sea Isle City NJ

Funny about the New Jersey ICW… We met two couples at our marina in Cape May who are headed to Canada, and one couple had recently completed the Great Loop. They are still in Cape May, waiting for the Atlantic Ocean to calm down, and emailed us wondering if they should try the New Jersey Intracostal (NJICW) instead.  Here’s the answer we sent them…

“How timely. Dirk is glad to advise that the the NJICW is the work of the devil. Seriously, in spite of taking care to follow “rising tide” and “go slowly” recommendations, we’ve gone aground twice and bent one of our props. They were replaced with our spares today – ouch – $900! Of course, you have much more experience than we do, and some others get though it, so it may be our inexperience. Today we started north after the props were replaced and not 15 minutes away, going north, saw a place where the channel literally disappears based MLW (Mean Low Water Depth)! So we turned around and are anchored out.” They waited and went the ocean route!

I left out the part of once again having to call Boat US to get us out of a tricky spot  when when just couldn’t find the deep area between the markers. The Boat US captain said he comes there often and once again led us out of the tricky area.

On the other hand, we ended up visiting two little resort towns. The Stone Harbor Yacht Club at their expensive but nice marina last night and today we walked around Sea Isle City today while the props were replaced. Dirk is holding his nose since he doesn’t love fish!

We called an expert on the New Jersey ICW and he advised us to start out mid tide or above tomorrow, so crossing our fingers that is the plan.

For the anchorage, we first thought we’d tie up to an anchored barge after the workers left. Turns out it wasn’t a popular idea with the owner, who was nice enough about it as he chased us off, so we are just anchored near it and crossing our fingers that the anchor holds.





2 thoughts on “Fixed but Nervous

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