Still in Cape May – Surprise!

June 13, 2017, Tuesday, Day 64

We got up with enthusiasm to go check out ocean waves and see if it was calm enough for us to go north outside of the NJICW (New Jersey Intracostal Waterway). Dirk was checking oil and fluids when a loud 100 decibel high pitched squeal began. It was painful and constant. We looked around and saw it was coming from the bilge high water sensor, so Dirk checked and the boat wasn’t flooding. For no reason, it was screaming at us and Dirk couldn’t figure out how to make it stop even though he spent a long time searching under the floor. However he was able to dull the sound a little by putting Duct Tape over the little speakers – love that stuff.

After he’d done what he could we started calling marinas and ended up at Canyon Club Marina, which was recommended by other marinas as the one in the area that would be able to help us.  They are very busy but found time to get the alarm stopped, and later to reinstall the sensor. We would prefer to replace the sensor since this isn’t this first time this has happened, but at least Dirk knows how to stop it if we get another false alarm.

All this investigation and fixing took until about 2pm, so we left the boat and went off to Cape May again since it was too late to start out boating. It was nice to see more of the town.   We are back at the boat, still in the marina, and plan to start traveling up the New Jersey ICW tomorrow.

One thought on “Still in Cape May – Surprise!

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