On our way again and so was the Dingy!

June 12, 2017, Monday, Day 63 (with time off for essential visits :))… Chesapeake to Delaware Bay to Cape May, NJ

We flew back from Boston (Dirk) and Ft. Lauderdale (me), met in Newark and arrived back at our boat at about midnight the 10th. Although we had hoped to start traveling on Sunday, we didn’t get back from grocery shopping and returning the car until about 1:30, were tired, and decided to wait until the next day. Note: The reason we ended up leaving Newark at 9pm? My much earlier flight was canceled so had to use Uber to go to Ft. Lauderdale versus nearby West Palm Beach. On the other hand, I was able to take my darling grandson to a playground water park where we had a great time. And Dirk took advantage of the 8 hour delay to find an Indonesian restaurant in Brooklyn (a rare find).

We left the marina in high spirits and a good plan thanks to boating neighbors in the marina that helped us understand that we needed to leave in the rising tide based on the Chesapeake Bay, not Delaware Bay, since the water flows from the Chesapeake. Following that advice increased the speed of the boat on the Chesapeake-Delaware canal by 2 mi/hr! Leaving our bay and heading out the canal photos…



I had heard derogatory comments about cruising down to Cape May on Delaware Bay, but we lucked out with fabulous weather and smooth water.


It was a long day since we needed to travel the 14 mile canal and 57 mile Delaware Bay/Cape May Canal so we didn’t drop anchor in the Cape May Harbor until about 6:30pm. We had already eaten a quick dinner I warmed up while traveling the canal, so we were ready to go see some of Cape May.

I quickly piled flashlights, extra shirts and water into my little backpack as we got ready to launch the dingy. Dirk unlocked the dingy and engine, untied the lines holding it fast, we pushed it off the back of the swim platform, and off it went! We hadn’t tied it to the boat!!! So guess who jumped into the Cape May bay swimming after it? It moved pretty fast and I was tired and feeling a little gross when I hauled it close to the boat and Dirk threw me a line. I took a quick boat shower while Dirk got the dingy engine attached, and off we went. (I’m in the water towing the dingy).

June 11 dingy-rescue a

There is an America’s Great Loop Harbor Host in Cape May. Harbor Hosts volunteers to be a contact as cruisers/loopers come through their area and Bruce is really helpful. He let us borrow his truck from a marina across the bay, so that’s where we headed, tied up the dingy and drove to Cape May. We wandered around and eventually ended up at the beautiful beach, sitting together on a Life Guards tower, waiting for a rocket to launch. Unfortunately the launch was cancelled, but it was really a wonderful place to be on a clear, warm night. (These are stock photos – not mine, but the life guard tower is the same.)

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