Two Days, Two Bays

June 1, Thursday and June 2, Friday; Day 52 & 53, Deep Creek off Magathy Bay, and Bohemia Bay near the Chesapeake-Delaware canal.

We sadly left our free tie up in Cambridge with the boating help and advise of Chesapeake locals and decided to go a bay recommended by our new friend, Al.  The wind and weather prediction sounded good althought it started out cool and cloudy, but thankfully getting nicer. Yea- the sun.

We traveled the 11 or so miles from Cambridge MD back to Chesapeake Bay and didn’t see many boats until we neared Annapolis and the Bay Bridge. We did see a pair of boats traveling together and it turned out to be a tow and and it’s client. There but for fortune…

We had crossed the bay bridge when we went to the Trawlerfest last October and now here we are under it!  There are actually two bridges that look parallel, but not quite.

A visit to the Annapolis Harbor would have been nice but we didn’t feel strongly enough about it to navigate the busy harbor so we moved on.

We arrived at the Magathy Bay inlet welcomed and warned by a small lighthouse.


Although there are many secluded anchorages further into the bay we opted for the closest one and it was lovely. It reminded me of our Lake Boon neighborhood a little, but with bigger boats. And there we sat, in the middle of what looked like a small lake, as paddle boards and kayaks and party boats went slowly by. Some ignored us squatters but many waved back at us.


June 2, Friday, to Long Point Marina on Bohemia Bay (near the Chesapeake-Delaware canal and then the end of Wesley’s journey with us.

chesapeake and bohemia and deleware
At the top of the Chesapeake Bay is Bohemia Bay and then the Elk River, connecting to the Chesapeake-Delaware canal
Close up of the top of Chesapeake Bay, showing the C-D canal off of Elk River

We decided yesterday that again we needed a marina that could fix a leak in our hull above the water line while we head back to the Boston area for a number of days. Long Point Marina was recommended and we’ll leave the boat there as we head home. We saw some larger vessels as we headed north and then east.

We are now settled in the marina and were treated to another nice sunset.  There is a party going on nearby on shore with lots of adults laughing and having a great time. Nice. Tomorrow we all head back up to Boston where Dirk and I have some doctors appointments and Wesley will return to taking care of the house and animals.




One thought on “Two Days, Two Bays

  1. Thanks pat and dirk for this lovely adventure. I can’t wait to read more blog. Be safe and happy sailing… Congratulations Wesley on your graduation. Don’t forget to brush your teeth😃

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