Chesapeake Adventure Begins

May 28, Sunday, Day 48, Leaving Yorktown, VA

We’re on our way again after a short break at home for our son Wesley’s graduation from Middlesex Community College.  So proud of him. Our daughter Sarah flew up from Florida and joined the celebration which also wonderful.

On Friday May 26th, Wesley, Dirk and I flew back to Richmond and were able to get a Lyft driver to take us back to the marina- at 2am! I was very pleased someone wants to work all hours like that. Saturday we slept late, shopped for food (Uber this time), filled up with diesel and water, pumped out, and were on our way.

It was a nice sunny afternoon and we optimistically headed to Yorktown, Va up the York river. Not my best navigation decision as it was a long way for a short day and there weren’t any likely anchorages until almost 6:30 pm. We set anchor near the town and shore but had no protection from the surprising swell from the river, and I had left my Bonine at home. Darn! But I survived, we had a burrito diner, and we all went to bed early to catch up on sleep. (Yorktown in the distance – as close as we got unfortunately!)


Today (Sunday) is cloudy and cool (66) as we head back to the Chesapeake and then north.

Well, once we left York river and entered the Chesapeake I realized that I had not yet acquired my sea legs! I put on an ear patch but too late to help much in the morning, although I never “lost it”. The boat was rolling side to side in 2 to 4 foot swells (1 to 2 was predicted) and Dirk was physically uncomfortable too. Wes stayed in the cabin and said he was fine! We decided we’d had enough around 1pm and found our way into a harbor and then a creek called Stutt’s Cove not too far from Deltaville, VA.  The harbor entrance was literally called “Hole in the Wall” and it was very tricky to navigate the narrow, curvy channel. Dirk had to back off at one point when the depth showed as 2.5 feet ( we need 3.5!).

I made them grilled sandwiches for a late lunch, ate some saltines and went for a nap. Later Wesley and I played a Catan card game while Dirk read.  Hopefully the Chesapeake will be calmer tomorrow!


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