Peaceful Marina for Wandering Star

May 21, Sunday, Day 41, Hampton VA – Salt Pond Marina, Hampton, VA

Was it really just today that we left downtown Norfolk and headed up river to the beginning of the Chesapeake Bay? It’s been a long, busy day so it seems like that was days ago.

In spite of our concerns regarding a 70 foot yacht semi-blocking the exit of the marina, Dirk once again amazed us both and made it look easy to navigate in a tight space.

We were enjoying the sites on the Elizabeth River and took our time as we saw many more navy ships including 5 air craft carriers.

We also passed by a huge container ship and I thought of Tom Hanks in the Captain Phillips movie.IMG_3748

As we moved out to the bay the wind and wave action picked up and we were really bouncing around for an hour and a half  – a little more than was comfortable but we were ok.  Dirk is wondering if we wasted money buying me the sea sickness patches!

We are now set up in a slip in Salt Pond Marina, in Hampton, VA. After we got settled we left to rent a car, went shopping, did laundry and set up the v-berth cabin for Wesley’s upcoming visit.  We also removed items that came with the boat that we haven’t used – such as two large cushions, a TV screen and a very large wok – it felt good to open up some space.  They are now in the community room of the marina with a FREE sign!

salt pond marina va

The boat will stay here while we head home for Wesley’s graduation from Middlesex Community College and bring him back with us for a week visiting towns along the Chesapeake.


2 thoughts on “Peaceful Marina for Wandering Star

  1. Pat- looks like you are having quite an adventure. Are you enjoying it! Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day on the high seas. Congratulations on Wesleys graduation! Enjoy your visit with the kids. – Janet

  2. Congrats to Wesley on his graduation,and to you both.
    Love reading your blogs about you adventure, keep it coming 💕

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