Albemerle Sound – Made it!

May 18, Thursday, Day 38, ICW 65, North River off Ablemerle Sound, NC

I’ve read warnings about the large Albemerle Sound, shallow except for the 14 mile long, curvy trench for ICW, and was concerned that it might be a challenge for us. The plan was to start the crossing tomorrow after a night’s rest, but with possible rains on the way and being ahead of schedule, we decided to go for it today. And except for one confusing area where we lightly touched bottom, all went pretty well. The boat was rocking due to  2 foot swells and when I first started this trip I would be been running for the Bonine, but today I was ok! Sea legs have arrived?

A few scenes from the day and then of the swinging bridge that actually waited for us. I counted about 40 cars held up by yours truly. The bridge leads from the mainland to the outer banks islands such as Kitty Hawk.



Below, the view from Albemerle Sound – only water!


We followed recommendations to an anchorage in the North River off the sound, but the wind picked up and we were rolling back and forth. We pulled up anchor and moved about 1/2 mile to another recommended spot – and found 4 other cruisers already here. Plenty of room, quiet and calm. Lucky us.


4 thoughts on “Albemerle Sound – Made it!

  1. A few days ago when we had the dingy out we motored over and met a couple anchored out near us. That was interesting because they have a much newer boat (2002) but still had many boat issues, even some of the same. Very nice couple. Otherwise we wave at other boats and will meet other “loopers” when we go to more popular marinas.

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