Mother’s Day on the River

May 14, Sunday, ICW MM 309

We left early today as we wanted cover a lot of miles and get to Southport, North Carolina. We are still making up for the 3 extra days we stayed put in St. Simons due to high winds. Although we didn’t plan to keep to a schedule we need to get to Norfolk Va area in time to get home for Wesley’s graduation.

There were once again varied areas of homes and docks.


Today’s scary spot was a narrow area called “the Rock Pile”, a slightly nerve wracking area since we were warned by a number of sources of possible dangers. We heeded advise and went slow and had no trouble – whew!


At one point I noticed two bicyclers on a nearby road parallel to the river. They pulled ahead of us – I thought is was funny to see how “slow” our boat generally goes.

We were hoping that people would stay home with their mothers on Mother’s Day but it seemed like many mom’s and families were are the water. We were continuous rocking back and forth due to wakes of speed boats, and there were also some sailboats and cruisers like us making their way north.


As we got closer to Southport NC, the scenery looked more like beaching and camping – and there was a huge RV park right on the water. More beach scenes and then back to river vacation home sites.


We anchored in a pretty lagoon in Southport. A little tricky to find the deep area but a nice spot.

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