We’ve been traveling a month!

May 11, Thursday, Day 31, MM 475; Charleston, South Carolina

It’s been a month – we left Islamorada, Florida on April 11.  It’s been quite a month due to challenges with the boat and our learning curve regarding navigating and operating a 40′ cruiser, but also with so many joys that come from being on the water and visiting new places.

Today we started early and enjoyed traveling between marshes and low-lands and then into the busy Charleston, SC harbor around mid-afternoon.



We headed to the Cooper River Marina which took us off the intracostal path and we had to rely on our own navigation. We found our way and Dirk again brought the boat in smoothly with 3 (!) dock hands ready to help us. Very nice. The marina also gave us a ride to the historical area of the city.

Today Charleston was hot and muggy so we dragged a bit as we walked along the waterfront parks. When we came to the historical homes it became interesting in comparison to Savannah because here huge single family homes were built along the waterfront. Owners conducted their business on the lower floors and the family lived above. There were many styles and increasing levels of grandness, and it continued to multiple streets. If we had more time there were a few homes open to the public.




We also enjoyed walking visiting a large, grand wharf where we rested in the shade and walked around some nearby gardens. Unfortunately I left behind a favorite hat, never to be seen again after we searched through the riverfront. Oh well!

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