Moving North Again

May 10, Wednesday, Day 30 – ICW MM 516 somewhere between Beaufort and Charlestown, South Carolina

We are anchored out under a full moon and are all on own here. It is beautiful and now it’s quiet as well. We are somewhat near a marine air base and saw planes like we only see in movies as we cruised near their training island. No pictures – they move too fast. But now they are quiet too.

We got everything done that we planned today. I picked up refurbished symmetrical and balanced propellers  – a 4 hour drive and Dirk changed the oil which was a two person, 3+ hour job because it was the first time and we did our grocery shopping. With help from the marina we were off again for another 4 hours before we found a spot for the night. It was low tide, and so we needed to follow warnings from Active Captain, a valuable cruising tool that all cruisers can use and contribute to. You can see how low the tide is by seeing how high the dock and boat sit above water. I took a picture of  some of the guidance that we need to figure out as we go.


It has heated up here in So. Carolina – it was in the 90’s even on our boat, and since the black flies and no-see-ums are out, we can’t keep our doors open to enjoy the breeze. But once the sun went down it is cool enough to sleep again.


One thought on “Moving North Again

  1. Looks like you’re at the junction of Rock Creek and Ashepoo River…so (just guessing here of course) you’d cut up the little ICW channel that connects the Ashepoo to S. Edisto R, and then…chug on up S Edisto to the channel that borders the Ace Basin Nat’l Wildlife thing, going ENE to… Dawho R? Then up the N Edisto to the Stono R, from there easy cruise cutting thru to Charleston harbor?

    Glad we’re packing lots of bug stuff for tomorrow, we’re at the lower portion of the campground which, while having much more shade and privacy, expects to be buggy – we’re right on the marsh. Got a screened canopy this time.

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