Bye St. Simons; Hello North Newport River

May 7, Sunday, Day 27, ICW Mile Marker 620-ish; St. Simons to Newport River, Georgia

Yesterday the winds were still pretty strong with a small crafts advisory, and so we took the advise of more experienced boaters and stayed put one more day – even though we were ready to be on our way.

We joined our new friend James for breakfast in the quaint town of St. Simons, then  bought repair items at Ace Hardware in town (we always need something else it seems). Back at the boat we cleaned and worked on minor boat projects  and also relaxed and read. Later in the afternoon the wind calmed down – too late for leaving, but not for a wedding! A group on our dock was on the way to the marina gazebo for the small wedding and party. Everyone is friendly here – so we knew the story of who was getting married, and that his son was ok with it and that his mom had already remarried, and…


Oh – this Morningstar Marina was a hot bed of Mainships – the type of boat we have. They don’t make Mainships anymore, and they go back to the mid-70s. We talked with owners of two live-a-boards Mainships in the marina both 34 feet), and I think 3 others came in besides us. (It’s a nice clubby feeling).

Today we left without denting our boat or any others (yea!) and were happily on our way in a nice breezy area. And then we reached the marshy areas and met with our next challenge – carnivorous black flies! They bit us now and then, but mostly are grossly annoying as they cling to the canvas on top of our heads and the sundeck. We’d take turns waving them away with a rolled map but they just come back. I think we have to take a deep breath and live with them (outside) until we leave the marshes. Fortunately I closed the doors and not many came into the cabin.

We also enjoyed the beauty of the marshes and were surprised when a shrimp boat with nets hanging down the side shared one of the creeks with us.


We are anchored in a peaceful bay with another pretty sunset. We’ll make our way up to the Savannah GA area tomorrow, but probably not cruise up to the city, although it can be done.


One thought on “Bye St. Simons; Hello North Newport River

  1. Love the sunset you are seeing
    Hope the rest of your trip goes well
    Keep on blogging Pat
    Dirk keep on navigating

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