St Simons Island

May 3, Wednesday, Day 23, MM 675; St Simons, GA

Never a dull moment! Dirk woke up to a rushing water sound last night and quickly shut off the fresh water pump – it’s getting to be second nature to us! Sure enough, a leak we thought had been fixed was much worse and so no water for us until that could be fixed again. Fortunately we were already heading to the Morning Star Marina on St. Simons Island for two reasons, and now this added a third. 1) we needed to get fuel in Georgia to prove that we left Florida to avoid paying sales tax for the boat, and 2) Dirk wanted to take our bent propellers to be fixed by an expert in Brunswick.

We started the 10 mile trip to the next marina at around 9:30, recalling that the low tide had been at 8 am a day or two ago. Another newbie mistake ! Everyday it gets much later and was just hitting low tide as we left on the narrow, shallow Jekyll Creek. After almost hitting bottom we stopped the boat, dropped anchor and waiting an hour and a half for the tide to come in. We had a friend join us for a little while once we headed north.

After we filled up with diesel at the friendly marina, Dirk was able to use the marina’s courtesy car to drop off the propellers. I contacted the maintenance manager for the on premise yacht sales company and he fixed the leak pretty quickly. We were done by 2:30 pm, rested a while and then headed into town of St. Simons.


The island is beautiful. What we saw as we were driven into town (Uber) were many large oak trees laden with Spanish moss. St Simons Island seems to be more lush than the landscapes we’ve been seeing. The town was nice with quaint shops and a lovely pier and park right and the water’s edge. We ate at La Sur, an Argentine/Italian restaurant, where I had the best restaurant meal of the trip thus far – fresh grilled veggies with an optional Argentine parsley, garlic, vinegar dressing.  It is a challenge to stick to a vegan diet at restaurants so this was a treat.


2 thoughts on “St Simons Island

  1. I played St Simons a couple times, most recently a wedding 3 years ago. I remember the steamy heat, and taking pics of the lighthouse next door. Very scenic and quaint.

  2. So great to follow your journey, Pat! Here’s hoping your journey continues to be relatively uneventful!

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