Jekyll Island, Georgia

May 2, Tuesday, Day 22, MM 685; Jekyll Island, FL

We made it to Georgia today without breaking anything on the way – yea! It was a sunny day with much less wind making handling the boat less stressful.

We couldn’t leave the Amelia Island Marina until around 1pm – we needed to wait for the tide to rise due to shallow areas in the marina. Dirk did a great job taking our big boat down the little channel you see in the picture below.IMG_3284

We traveled north past the town of Fernandina that we visited by car yesterday and saw numerous shrimp boats on the way. We will be missing their annual Shrimp Festival next weekend which is probably just as well because there will be huge crowds. But if you like shrimp and big fairs, put it on your to do list for someday. There were also more wrecked and abandoned boats as a result of last year’s hurricane Matthew to be seen.

We traveled up to the Cumberland Sound and stayed on the big water for most of the afternoon.

We are now anchored out just off the ICW and Jekyll Island, GA. We noticed a lot of smoke when we arrived and it turned into a fire so bad that two helicopters made numerous runs to drop water on the fire. We won’t be going ashore so we’ll probably never know what happened unless we catch some local news. It seems odd not to know whats going on when it happened so close to where we are.

We had a lovely sunset that we were able to watch from the sun deck (thanks to the lack of the strong winds we’ve had recently.)

3 thoughts on “Jekyll Island, Georgia

  1. Beautiful scenery, but is there any place to Hyde there?
    (I bet they’ve never heard that one before. HA!)

    1. You wouldn’t think that a bit of sand could bend big old propeller blades… but it can.

      There’s a shop in Brunswick that fixes props. (They make a good living).

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