Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach

May 1, Monday, Day 20; Amelia Island, FL

Yesterday was spent waiting another day before we could to limp into the Amelia Island Marina. We spent a quiet Sunday anchored out off the Little Amelia River near Fernandina Beach. I spent a few hours  studying the Garmin Marine GPS user guide again and finally thought of You Tube where I found some helpful walk-throughs of the features.  Between reading, eating and looking at the upcoming navigation through Georgia it was a nice day.

Today we had to wait for the tides to come in a bit before we could get into the Amelia River Marina for the lift out of our boat for repairs. The short trip took us 45 minutes since we had to move slowly due to the damaged propellers. It was also extremely windy and we were nervous as we pulled into the marina but Dirk managed getting the boat into position for the lift out.


The marina offered us a courtesy car (!) to use while they worked on the boat and so we were able to go into the historic town of Fernandina Beach and enjoy a lunch and the sites.




We returned to the marina around 4:30 with the plan to leave the marina and travel a short distance  to the town mooring balls in the Fernandina harbor for the night. However they were having a challenge finishing and it was also very windy and getting closer to low tide. In the end we decided to stay in a local Hampton Inn for the night and not take unnecessary risks. It will also be a treat to sleep in a bed that doesn’t rock to and fro and to not hear water lapping when trying to sleep. The hotel is on the ocean side of Amelia Island which is great – there is very beautiful ocean beach that runs the entire length of the island. The walk on the beach was lovely.

Tomorrow we leave Florida and begin the Georgia adventure!


2 thoughts on “Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach

  1. I hope the repairs go well. What’s the temp and weather like these days? What do you eat for meals on board?

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