Made it to St. Augustine!

April 26; Wednesday, Day 16, ICW MM 779; St. Augustine, FL

We started early today hoping to get to St. Augustine with enough time to shop for more boat parts (of course). We left around 7:30 am, took our time (the boat is going fast at 9 mph) and still arrived around 3:30. Early on we saw our first river billboard, and a memorial bridge with amazing mosiac-looking paintings of dolphins and manatees on every column.


Now river the waterfronts show different foliage and there is more variation in the types of homes. There are still many mansions but they are less crowded and slightly smaller. There are miles of homes where all the houses have a long dock with a boat lift and deck at the end. In one area of Palm Coast everyone had huge Florida rooms (attached screened areas big enough for another house to fit into), and some were taller than the second story of the home. We assumed it gets pretty buggy in these areas.


We are seeing a lot of evidence of hurricane Matthew as we cruise up the ICW. There are many damaged or destroyed docks, we saw sailboats and mid-size boats like ours beached or half sunk, and some damaged homes. Note the Lake Boon roofing on one of them. (Sorry – Lake Boon joke).


After arriving at the River’s Edge marina up the San Sebastion River in St. Augustine, we walked to Sailor’s Exchange which is a marine consignment store, and to West Marine to get the parts we need for tomorrow’s boat DYI adventure – replacing the fresh water pump and fixing another hose leak. Hopefully we’ll still have time for some sightseeing since we are only a short walk from historical St. Augustine. Don’t I sound very matter of fact about these repairs now?



3 thoughts on “Made it to St. Augustine!

  1. You could also think of this as similar to traveling to Florida with dad… Repair a tire… Repair the next tire… Repair some more tires…! Oh and help put out the tire fire at the other person’s trailer. At least there aren’t any chain gangs!

  2. I remember the chain gang, along the pre-interstate highway in Georgia. One of the cons killed a water moccasin with his shovel or grass whip, decapitated it and showed it to us kids. We were duly impressed, at least Bill and I were.

    Following on the map, fun. You’ll be in Georgia waters soon! At this rate you may be well past Charleston by the weekend of the 19th… but hope not!

    Memo to self: check Poppy tires, spare, re-pack bearings…

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