Short trip to Daytona Today

April 25; Tuesday, Day 15, ICW MM 835; New Smyrna Beach to Daytona area

Does it seem like there’s always something? Today’s installment…

Last night after returning from a lovely dinner in New Smyrna Beach, Dirk noticed water coming out of a hole in the hull and he was pretty sure it was coming from the sump pump – he could hear something running below deck. After much pulling up of sections of the floor he found it – water literally spurting out of a hose onto the side of the hull under the galley. There was nothing to be done last night so we turned off the water pump and decided to “think about it tomorrow”.

This morning it became clear after searching for additional access to the problem area that only I am small enough to contort my way into the area with the leak. So down I went past the port engine into a tiny space with access to the water hoses and discovered that a t-connector had snapped. I cut out a small section and wiggled out of there and off we went to the local marine shop. Surprise! We’ve been here before. It turns out after we walked across the causeway from the marina that it was exactly where we bought our used dingy two months ago. What a coincidence! And during our walking around I snapped a photo of Dirk at the site of an old Spanish fort.


They didn’t have the t-connector – off to Home Depot via Uber again. We got what we needed and I went back into the hole. Listen to this – I joined an old hose with a new one with an extender and clamps, and then installed the new t-connector (after cutting out the old ones). Pretty cool-eh?

It worked great when Dirk turned on the water pump- no leaks there, but now the hot water t-connector is leaking! Argh! But in dribbles, not a lot, so we can use the water a little. That’s probably a project for Thursday after we get to St. Augustine tomorrow.

in the hole 2in the hole1

We actually did get on the ICW, saw some sites and decided to anchor out in a recommended spot just south of Daytona. We often see a glimpse of dolphins, too far away for a picture, but I saw three diving just off our bow today.


It’s hard to imagine that the city is so close out here on the water. Although we were only cruising about 3 hours it was a good way to end a busy day.



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