New Smyrna Beach

April 24, Monday, Day 14, ICW MM 845

Well, we had a little excitement last night after dropping anchor. Turned out that the anchor tag line, which is a line attached to the anchor line with it’s own small white buoy, drifted back under the boat and was cut off. The white buoy wandered away (Wilson!!!) but some of the rope stayed twisted around the port engine. So guess who went into the water and cut it away this morning? I was nervous but it turned out to be easy. Fortunately we brought our snorkeling gear with us. The hardest part was getting back on the boat.


We had a solid plan for today – to stay the night at the New Smyrna City Marina about 40 miles north of us, and it worked. Most of the way we were on the very wide Indian River and were happy when the ICW went through a narrow channel to bring us into Mosquito Lagoon. It was windy so no mosquitoes for us luckily.


The Lagoon opened up wide but we later entered a less open part of the Indian River near Oak Hill, south of New Smyrna. Interesting small town from the river view. While going through Oak hill we caught up with a tug boat pushing a barge –  it took us a while to pass it in the narrower river. Tug name is “Little Bully”.


As we reached New Smyrna Beach we hailed the marina, they were ready for us as we turned the corner into the marina and helped us as we docked. No damage to the dock or the boat. Wonderful! After hooking up electrical, Dirk washed the muddy back half of the boat, then we walk through the historical, low-key touristy section of town and found a nice place for dinner called the Gypsy Fresh Grill. And to add to the exciting day, we are now doing laundry at the marina. Yes!

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