Cocoa and NASA

April 23, Sunday, Day 13, ICW MM 883; Cape Canaveral FL

We are anchored out fairly near the NASA rocket booster assembly building at Cape Canaveral. It’s been a lovely day.

Last night’s anchorage turned out to be perfect with very little wind. We slept well. Nevertheless I woke up with a case of vertigo, then grabbed the iPhone, went to WebMD and tried a suggested exercise. It might have worked; I felt much better but took ginger pills and a half Bonine just in case.

There was an unusual boat on the beach near us during the night and I was able to get some pictures as we passed them. Interesting homemade solution for both weather and sleeping I think. (Photo seems to be missing…) Note also photo of first mate readying to help with anchor recovery.

As we moved north we saw dolphins off our bow now and then and continued to see all sorts of bird nests on top of the channel markers, some with parents feeding their young. I was also doing a little sewing since this channel was so wide we could only see the shoreline with binoculars.

For the first time on our journey we stopped at mid-day at the village of Cocoa. Famous Cocoa Beech is about 1/2 hour away on the ocean. And how did we manage to get off the boat without dock hands you may wonder? We planned ahead and Dirk brought us near the dock and the wind pushed us in beautifully. And I tied us up – well, got out and tied us initially and then we fussed with ropes and fenders until the tie up looked safe.

Cocoa is a cute and artsy town with a lot of local pubs and restaurants and interesting shops that we didn’t go into. We had lunch at Pub Americana and I had a vegan portabella mushroom burger with carmelized onions- yum!

We needed more Prestone for the generator and a few other items and the local hardware store is closed on Sunday, so Uber to the rescue again. We got what we needed at the super Walmart on Merritt Island, got everything loaded on the boat and then planned again on how the heck we were going to leave without damaging the wooden dock or hitting the nearby cement wall. We managed quite well and cruised up to tonight’s anchorage within view of the NASA edifice and a red rocket on a pad in the distance.


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