Port St Lucie to Palm Bay area

April 22, Saturday, Day 12, ICW MM 925

Today we just kept going and goin’… It was a great day and we started early. We haven’t gotten up the courage to stop during the day yet so we I make lunch and we eat it while traveling. It’s Saturday so there were a lot of boats going quite fast by us., rocking us as we grabbed items I lost my iPhone for a while and found in in a lower shelf of the flybridge after searching everywhere. (Dirk had to call me ).
When we started I thought St. Lucie River was somewhat wide, but after going through the St Lucie inlet area we entered Indian River, a very wide body of water; at least a mile across. Also it is relatively shallow so we need to stay in the channel marked for the intracostal except when another shore channel is marked.

We followed one of the shore channels in and even that was too shallow – we were stirring up mud on the bottom. Dirk turned us around we and nervously exited, tried another area that was also getting too shallow and finally found this anchorage with other sailboats behind a small island. Very nice.  Someday soon we’ll actually use the dingy to visit ashore but haven’t wanted to tackle that quite yet.  We are concerned about the effort of reloading but I’m sure we’ll figure it out soon.


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