Rocking isn’t always Soothing

April 14, Day 4 – Friday; Hypoluxo, FL

Unfortunately, the T-dock (the end of a dock) provided to us at the marina means that we are at the mercy of waves of large boats going by. It didn’t seem to bad at first, but in the later evening and night were rocked enough to throw items off shelves. Dirk was unhappy to discover his toothbrush in the toilet in the morning! (Another lesson, close the lid). He added all our fenders to the dock side to protect the hull but there wasn’t much that could be done about the rocking.

The day started well with service people from the marina solving the water pump and generator problems both of which required minor adjustments. Whew! (Should I also say that the problem with the water pump was that we ran out of water? The former owner may us so nervous about overfilling the water tanks that we never got them even close to a quarter full. :)) The marina couldn’t help with the diesel engine issue (the engine failure on the port engine from the day before). We also saw some interesting bird poses.


Sarah came by and we did errands most of the day, and Dirk and I picked up or ordered items needed for the boat. I gave in and we went to everyone’s favorite restaurant for RIBS (!) in the West Palm Outlet area. I found a pretty good quinoa dish, and all was fine except that it was my turn to pay! Later… more trouble sleeping due to rocking.

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