Visiting with Sarah & Arden

Saturday April 15, Day 5

Arden returned with his other grandparents today.  We spent much of the day at Sarah’s. I was finishing some boat curtains and doing lots of laundry and Dirk was a sweaty sweety and mowed their lawn. He also went back and forth to the boat a few times with parts to fix the engine. Arden arrived was a charming and funny as ever. Dirk and I took care of him later while Sarah went out.  I was impressed with his new concentration and determination to figure things out. 

Back at the boat… A pretty bad night. You know your dockage is more than uncomfortable when you start thinking at 2am about what to grab if the boat is really sinking. A large boat went by at about 12:30 am and the wake was so bad that we were almost tossed out of bed and we heard a crack sound on the side of the boat. I was mad at the boat and disturbed that the marina was so hands off about our difficulties.

I don’t want to stay another night, but we want to be in the area to celebrate Easter with my daughter’s family and her in-laws. 

bad docking


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