Miami Wow!

April 12, Day 2: Wednesday

We cruised north up the bay after breakfast (oatmeal). The day started somewhat grey and we could see dark clouds approaching as we saw the skyline of Miami in the distance. The business district is right on the harbor and Intracostal (ICW) – huge buildings one after another. We were practically alone in the ICW and couldn’t see activity of any sort until we saw a small park on the left. Came to our first of many bascule bridges – this one didn’t need to open for us but we’ll be waiting for many more in days to come.

As we approached lower Ft. Lauderdale Dirk noticed a familar building – the restaurant where we took his mother, Judy Hart, to lunch a few years ago after picking her up from her cruise ship. IMG_2990

Around 3:30 we started looking for a place to anchor out. Our first choice, Lake Sophia was too crowded but as we searched for our second choice we came upon municipal moorings near a bridge. Next, we learned how to attach to a mooring; the wrong way – mine in a hurry – which was to make a big loop and throw it over the ball,  and the right way – pick up a loop attached to the mooring with a boat hook and put your rope through it. Had a nice night in the midst of a bridge, houses and boats, and saw a neighbor fishing for breakfast in the morning.



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