First Day Cruising!

April 11, Day 1 Islamorada to Sands Island anchorage

We finally are on our way after saying good-bye to the wonderful marina Pam and our right (and left) hand man, captain and friend, Russ Stockton.

We left the harbor around 9:45 and swung around a little too close to the marina and knocked against a small boat. We went back to the dock to see if there was any damage to the small boat (there wasn’t) and then were really on our way.

We needed to get off of the ocean side of Islamorada, so went south a bit to go through Snake Creek and headed north in the bays along Islamorada, Tavenier and Key Largo, following the ICW line in the GPS (intracostal waterway). Although it was windy and rained a little, it was really beautiful and felt great just being on the water. Since I knew it was going to be windy I took ½ of a Bromine and it worked perfectly. I didn’t get queezy and I stayed awake – yea!


I made sandwiches on the boat and we kept going north and all of a sudden we could see the Miami skyline in the far distance. We had wanted to dock in a little island named Boca Chita, but couldn’t find a deep enough channel to get into shore, so decided to head south a little and anchored off of Sands Island – an uninhabited mangrove island I believe. The sunset was really stunning!


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