April 7 Islamorada

In preparation  for our departure we drove our rental up to Key Largo to try and sell a few surplus items to a Marine resale store, including two stern lights and a homemade dingy seat. The owner gave us $20 for the lights (who knew?) but apologized that he wasn’t interested  in the dingy seat. But a customer loved it for a dingy he just fixed up for his 12 year old, so it found a new home!

We shopped at Kmart and Publix and headed back to unload it all. Dirk has a habit of putting his reading glass in the neck of his shirt and forgot they were there as he leaned over to put the groceries on the deck. As I walked up to the boat I saw a small splash – “it’s a fish” said Dirk. Nope – his glasses sank in what turns out to be about 10 feet of water. He tried to find them with snorkeling gear – no luck. But did come out with a nasty rash – sea lice we are told. Fun!

A boat neighbor came by and suggested we use a fishing net to semi-scrape the bottom at low tide in the morning. So around 8 am Dirk rigged up a net, that just happened to be on board, with a long handle (a random PCV pipe on board) and got his glasses off the bottom on his second try! Neighbor was amazed and we were too.

And here’s the boat with it’s new name and sundeck cover finally installed.

4-7 new name




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